What is a high-level concept?

An X for Y analog e.g Uber for lawn care

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The high-level concept is a sub-box on the Lean Canvas below the Unique Value Proposition (UVP) box. It is an effective tool to quickly get your idea across and make it easy to spread.

High-concept pitches are used heavily by Hollywood producers to distill the general plot of a movie to a memorable sound bite. The high-concept pitch was also popularized as an effective pitching tool by Venture Hacks in its ebook, Pitching Hacks. 


  • YouTube: “Flickr for video” Aliens (movie): “Jaws in space” 

  • Dogster: “Friendster for dogs” 

The high-concept pitch should not be confused with a UVP and is not intended to be used on your landing page. There is a danger that the concepts the pitch is based on might be unfamiliar to your audience. For this reason, the high-concept pitch is more effective when used to quickly get your idea across and make it easy to spread, such as after a customer interview.

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