Rollout Plans
Set focused goals with the necessary campaigns to support it.
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Rollout Plans are an early access feature and requires a paid plan. In a future update this feature will supersede the Goals and Risks board.

Rollout Plans are available as part of a given business model. Once you've determined a specific Lean Canvas and Traction Roadmap is representative of the business model you wish to pursue, you can use a Rollout Plan to formulate a validation campaign and define appropriate next steps. It provides a simple Now, Next, Later type view to help maintain a high-level view as you move through Lean Sprints.

Getting Started

While not required, we highly recommend completing a Traction Roadmap before generating your first rollout plan.

The Rollout Plan is segmented into three separate sections in order to delineate future campaigns. This provides you the ability to defer items for later while increasing focus on the most important next steps.

Rollout Plans are comprised of a set of campaigns that will feed into your sprints. These campaigns are part of the campaigns found in Validation Recipes.

Once you've created a new campaign, it becomes part of your rollout plan and you can leave it in the "Now" lane or defer it to the future.

Once you navigate over to the Lean Sprint tool, you'll see that the campaign you created automatically populated there.

From here, you can leverage the steps available in the corresponding recipe to run the campaign you've created.

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