Setting your office hours for coaching sessions
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When you first log in to your Calendly account, you'll find a bunch of event types:

This guide is only going to cover the LEANSTACK Coaches - open office hours event type for non-qualified coaching sessions.

LEANSTACK Coaches is a team event type that uses a round-robin policy to schedule coaching sessions based on team availability. Unlike private event types, Calendly does not allow team members to set their availability and relies on an admin to do so centrally which is undesirable. So we are going to be essentially recreating this functionality using a special Google calendar that you own and can control to set your office hours.

Note: If you are going to open all your working hours (typically M-F 9a-5p) towards coaching minus current meetings, you simply need to set your working hours in your Google calendar setting. This guide is for those who want more granular control over their available coaching hours as a subset to their regular working hours.

Here's how to set that up.

1. Create a LEANSTACK Coaching Hours calendar in your Google calendar account

2. Set your available coaching hours by blocking all other times

For example, if I wanted to open up 3-5pm on Thursdays and Fridays, this is what that would look like:


a. Blocks here mark your unavailable times

b. Remember to edit each each block and make it repeat weekly e.g. every Monday

c. You don't need to block weekends and hours outside 9a-5p if you use Google Calendar's working hours setting (recommended).

3. Set the LEANSTACK Coaching Hours calendar in Calendly

a. Select Calendar Connections

b. Add the LEANSTACK Coaching Hours calendar in the Check for conflicts list


a. In this setup, I've got a main calendar and the coaching hours calendar.

b. I want to check for conflicts against my main calendar and the coaching hours calendar which will only find available slots within my desired coaching hours.

c. If you've got more calendars in your account, feel free to also add them to your conflicts list.

c. When scheduled, I want these sessions to show up in my main calendar.

A final point to keep in mind is that your conflicts calendars are set at the account level which means these rules will apply across all event types including your qualified and non-qualified coaching sessions.

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