All participants in the Coach Marketplace Program are required to agree to the Coach Marketplace Program Agreement and remain in compliance with these terms as part of the Agreement.

Fill out your paperwork to receive revenue share

To receive revenue share (coaching fees) you have earned for coaching services rendered, you must complete the appropriate paperwork

  • Fill out and submit your ACH/Wire Form and W-8 (non-US entities) /W-9 (US entities) tax forms.
    Please note that we are not authorized to give you tax advice. If you have any questions, please seek tax advice.

When you conduct a Qualified Coaching Session with an assigned Coaching Client, you are eligible to receive revenue share for the coaching service rendered.

The revenue share is $250 per Qualified Coaching Session.

  • Revenue share payments are paid out on a quarterly basis and will be forfeited if you do not provide paperwork within 6 months of joining the program.

Coaching Tiers, Qualification Requirements, and Capacity Limits:

Your coaching capacity limits (number of active Coaching Clients) are determined based on your coaching tier and experience level. Coaching Tiers are achieved based on hitting certain coaching session thresholds described below for each tier. Once a Coaching Tier has been achieved, in order to maintain your Coaching Tier, you also need to conduct a minimum number of coaching sessions per month as described below for each tier. These qualifying and maintenance coaching sessions may be Qualified or Non-Qualified Coaching Sessions.

Why? Coaching, like any skill, takes deliberate practice. We find that coaches that regularly run Coaching Sessions learn the fastest and are also the most successful at driving Coaching Client outcomes. Our goal is to connect Coaching Clients with the best Coaches, which is why we've made these qualifying and maintenance criteria a program requirement.

Coaching Tiers:

  • Certified Sliver
    Qualifying criteria: 3 coaching sessions
    Maintenance criteria: 1 coaching session/mo
    Coaching Capacity Limit: 3 active Coaching Clients

  • Certified Gold
    Qualifying criteria: 10 coaching sessions
    Maintenance criteria: 3 coaching sessions/mo
    Coaching Capacity Limit: 5 active Coaching Clients

  • Certified Platinum
    Qualifying criteria: 30 coaching sessions
    Maintenance criteria: 5 coaching sessions/mo
    Coaching Capacity Limit: 10 active Coaching Clients

  • Certified Master
    Qualifying criteria: 100 coaching sessions
    Maintenance criteria: 10 coaching sessions/mo
    Coaching Capacity Limit: 20 active Coaching Clients

Understand program entry requirements:

To become a LEANSTACK Coach, you need to have

  • completed the LEANSTACK Coach Certification workshop and have conducted and reported at least 3 coaching sessions.

  • purchased a coach plan. In the event that your subscription with LEANSTACK is no longer active, you will be removed from the program.

    Why? We find that coaches who use our software are also the most successful at selling their services tied to it. We want all of our coaches to be set up for success, which is why we've made this a program requirement.

Understand plan eligibility requirements:

  • Only the LEANSTACK Academy plans with a coaching component are eligible for revenue share.

Understand branding guidelines:

  • You are able to promote your coach status through your certification or tier badge.

  • Please note that LEANSTACK, Lean Canvas, Traction Roadmap, LEAN Sprints, Continuous Innovation, and Continuous Innovation Framework are trademarked terms.

Stay up to date with the program

  • Visit the LEANSTACK Coaches area in the LEANSTACK app to find coach resources.

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