All participants in the Partner Program are required to agree to the Partner Program Agreement and remain in compliance with these terms as part of the Agreement.

Fill out your paperwork to receive revenue share

To receive revenue share (commissions) you have earned when one of your registered and accepted qualified leads buys LEANSTACK, you must complete the appropriate paperwork

  • Fill out and submit your ACH/Wire Form and W-8/W-9 tax forms.
    For more information, see the ‘Revenue Share and Payment’ section of the Partner Program Agreement

When one of your registered and accepted qualified leads buys LEANSTACK, you are eligible to receive revenue share for that deal.

The revenue share is 20% of the monthly recurring at the partner level is paid for as many months as the customer’s subscription for the product line(s) remain active.

  • Revenue share payments are paid out on a quarterly basis, and will be forfeited if you do not provide paperwork within 6 months of joining the program.

Register your Qualified Leads and Managed Customers:

You can register current or prospective leads and client organizations by sending us an email to [email protected] in order to be eligible for revenue share.

  • To register a prospect, you must provide at least the following information about each prospect: contact first name, contact last name, email, URL company name, and lead type (Qualified Lead or Managed Customer Lead).

  • Organization registration is intended for your current and prospective clients only. Partners should only register leads and prospects that they have established a demonstrable business relationship and who you are actively approaching and are engaging with in a pursuit of a sale.

  • Each accepted registration will expire six (6) months from the date the prospect was registered. If you are actively pursuing a prospect and the registration is expired, then you may re-register the prospect manually for another ninety (90) days.

  • You can have up to 50 outstanding registrations at any given time.

Understand program entry requirements:

To become a LEANSTACK Partner, you need to purchase a mentor, accelerator, or enterprise level plan. In the event that your subscription with LEANSTACK is no longer active, you will be removed from the program.

Why? We find that partners who use our software are also the most successful at selling their services tied to it. We want all of our partners to be set up for success, which is why we've made this a program requirement.

Understand plan eligibiilty requirements:

  • Only the LEANSTACK accelerator, academic, and enterprise plans are eligible for revenue share.

Understand branding guidelines:

  • You are able to promote your partnership through your certification or tier badge.

  • Please note that LEANSTACK, Continuous Innovation, and Continuous Innovation Framework are trademarked terms.

Training & Certifications Requirements

  • In order to publish your profile in the Partner Directory you must complete the LEANSTACK Mentor Certification.

Stay up to date with the program

  • Visit the LEANSTACK Mentor Network area located under the “Programs” drop down in the LEANSTACK app to find partner resources.

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