Lean Sprints

The Lean Sprint Board allows you to formulate validation plans, and test your big ideas using small, fast, additive experiments.

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For greater detail and an in-depth exploration on the process around LEAN Sprints, refer to Ash's Scaling Lean Book (Ch. 7-11).

Getting Started

If you are participating in an organization that has a paid plan or are part of a program in progress, then you may have access to the Lean Sprint Boards.  Project collaborators have access to create a sprint to get started.

The Board

You can create validation plans and corresponding experiments through the "New Validation Plan" button at the bottom left of the board.  As you add new plans, they will be added to the "Validation Plans" column at left.  Each validation plan can have multiple experiements and you can drag those experiments into an active or future sprint (drag it into the "build" lane).  

When you create a new plan you'll notice that there are 6 dots that represent the
Validation Report. 

As you add information into the validation plan that progress will be reflected there.

As the sprint progresses onward, you can move it into the provided lanes based on its corresponding status. 

As you determine the result of the given experiment you can update its Experiment Report, which is available when you edit an experiment.

As you update the experiment status the card will also be updated, indicating assignment and status.

Completing A Sprint

When you're ready to complete a sprint, just click on the "Complete Sprint" link at the top left.  You will be presented with an overview of the given sprint, including status on reporting.

If you need to complete a report on an experiment just close the overview and return to the sprint where you can update each experiment as necessary.  If you are ready, you can click on "Complete Sprint".

Any experiments not completed (i.e. that did not make it into the "learn" lane) will be duplicated and carried automatically over to the next sprint.

Completing A Validation Plan

Validation Plans are long-running and should exist beyond a single sprint.  When you've run enough experiments to validate (or invalidate) a particular plan you can then mark it as completed.  Once it's been marked as completed it be removed from view and no longer available for experiments.

Reviewing Sprint History

You can review your sprint history at any time by visiting the "Sprint History" link at the top right.  This will also allow you to switch to that sprint in order to review it's completed state and corresponding experiments and validation plans.

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