Lean Canvas Segmentation

Use the hashtag feature to segment your canvas

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Sometimes you need to segment a canvas to clearly delineate by some specific facet of the customer segment or problem.  A classic example is differentiating between a customer and a user in order to show which parts of the canvas might apply in which cases.  The quick screen capture below shows how to get the canvas to work in this way.

Segment Restrictions

Segments are loosely based on the hashtag specification. For more history on hashtags, please see this article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hashtag

For segments within Lean Canvas, the current rules apply:

  • A segment hashtag must begin with a hash character followed by other characters, and is terminated by a space (or the end of the content). It is always safe to precede the "#" with a space, and to include letters and digits. Hyphens and underscores are not currently supported.

  • A canvas is limited to four segments. If you add more than four on a canvas, only the first four are shown.

  • A segment hashtag is case insensitive (and be automatically forced to lower case).

  • Segments have limited support for some character sets.

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