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Lean Canvas export cuts off or squeezes some content
Lean Canvas export cuts off or squeezes some content

You may want to consider a different approach if your Lean Canvas export doesn't quite fit on the page.

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When downloading/exporting your Lean Canvas you may find that it squeezes some content or cuts off some boxes.  There is no fix or feature within LEANSTACK to squeeze the canvas down to a single page if there's a lot of content.  If you find that your canvas has stretched to multiple pages, we recommend rethinking your approach. 

A Lean Canvas that doesn't fit neatly in a single page can be an indication of any one of the following:

  • Not Enough Focus - the canvas simply needs to be streamlined and may contain extraneous details

  • Doing Too Much - you have multiple business ideas/lines that can be split up

  • Imprecise Language - consider brevity and succinctness when conveying details

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