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Within LEANSTACK access is defined by the role provided as a member of the organization and as a collaborator of a project.

All projects within an account can invite collaborators.  Collaborators can only be invited by the owner of the project or other full members.  Collaborators can choose the type of invitation they wish to send as a full member or as a guest.

Account Membership

How Do I Manage Membership In My Organization?

Invitations and Member management are available from the "Membership" area for your organization.  To visit, head to the Dashboard where you'll see your "Organizations" and within that list you will see a link for "Membership".

On the membership page you'll see a button at the bottom left for invitations.

You can also update roles, or deactivate a member if they are no longer active.

From there you can send invitations or manage pending invites by resending them or canceling them.

Organization Membership Roles

An organization only has a single owner.  The owner has complete access to the organization.


An organization can have many administrators.  Admins have expanded access to organization details, but limited access to billing details.  Administrators can create projects and have complete access to tools and content based on the corresponding active subscription of the organization.

Full Member*

An organization can have many members.  Each member can create new projects.  They have complete access to tools and content based on the corresponding active subscription of the organization.


An organization can have many guests regardless of subscription.  Guests cannot create projects and have limited visibility only into projects to which they have been invited to view (e.g. they cannot update the canvas, but can add comments).  

Dynamic Roles

The following roles are automatically generated based on the user membership to the experience.


Plans with the LEANSTACK Experience feature have a special lead role.   Leads indicate users that are connected to an experience in some way but are not yet active or have completed an application.


Plans with the LEANSTACK Experiences feature have a special applicant role.  Applicants that have a submitted an application to a future experience and are awaiting notification of acceptance.  


Plans with the LEANSTACK experiences feature have a special participant role.  Active members within a member-based experience or members of accepted projects within a project/team-based experience will be given a participant role.

*For paid plans, this is a billable role and will count as a seat within your subscription.


Plans with the LEANSTACK Experiences feature have a special entrepreneur role.  Entrepreneurs can create projects with canvases and traction models which allows them to submit applications to the organization for a future experience.

Experience Membership Billing

Plans that have the LEANSTACK Experiences feature and have members that are "participant", "applicant", or "entrepreneur" role will have their role information automatically transitioned depending on their experience status.  This can impact the overall number of billable members in your organization.  

A new member joining your organization will initially be given an "entrepreneur" role which is not billable.  From there, a member's role is derived from their experience status

Example: A new entrepreneur signs up for your accelerator and is placed into the entrepreneur role immediately.   At this point, that member is not billable. They proceed to create a lean canvas and traction roadmap and use the platform to learn the basics of the Continuous Innovation methodology.  Here again, they are still not a billable member.  As the application deadline looms, the entrepreneur decides to submit an application.  Once that application is submitted, they will be given an "applicant" role.  Once they are an "applicant" they are billable to the organization under the per-seat license cost.  Once the application process is complete and enrollment is finalized, the entrepreneur is again transitioned either back to an "entrepreneur" role if the application was declined or up to a "full member" if their application was accepted.  The "full member" role remains with members of an active experience unless they are exited or the experience is completed.  Once that member is no longer in an enrolled or active experience they are returned to an "entrepreneur" role and you will not be billed for that seat. 

Project Level Membership

Project Collaborators

Full Members

Members have complete access to view and update the project to which they have been invited.

An invited member who is not currently part of an organization will also become part of the organization as a member.  If you have a paid account, this new member will become a full seat applied to your subscription.


Guests have view access only to projects.  They can also add comments to the project's Lean Canvas. 

An invited guest who is not currently part of an organization will also become part of the organization as a guest.  Guests do not have access to create projects and have limited access to tools and content even if the organization has a paid active subscription.  Guests are not added as a seat to your subscription.


Most paid accounts also have access to manage membership within the organization. This includes the ability to add administrators to the account or invite new full members directly.

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