The marketplace model is currently in early access, and will be released in Q3 2021. The multisided model will follow soon after. These special types will be available to Academy (and higher) plans.

In the Traction Roadmap tool, only the Direct business model type is currently available.  We're working hard to bring the other two types to the platform, but in the meantime you can learn more about these types and potentially choose a different strategy to help fulfill your needs today.

For better understanding of each of these types along with some guidance on implementing these on your own, check out the "Masterclass Video" available at the bottom of each of these individual areas when you get started on a new Traction Roadmap.

Additionally, if you have a model that maintains different actors you can also consider splitting up your business model into different versions that attempt to target each actor separately.  This approach can help bring clarity to your Lean Canvas and drive a better understanding of the revenue associated with each side.

You can get started on separating out these models by "Cloning" the current one and refining it to represent only the part for that side.  The clone action is available in the drop down at the top right of your Lean Canvas.

Once you select "Clone" it will make a copy of your Lean Canvas from its current state and you can proceed from there.

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